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Customer Street is an internet marketing company which is leading in many new directions within new media advertising. Customer Street harnesses the power of three of the countries larges online business directories, such as ufindus.com, smilelocal.com and moreuk.com. It doesn't just stop there; portals such as this one are readily accessed through Customer Street Trades, their specialist site for different trades and professions.

With so many people using the internet for shopping and finding services who better than Customer Street to help potential customers find exactly what they want, when they want.

The internet is forever changing and it is particularly important for businesses to make sure they stay one step ahead of their competition. Our portal is one way of achieving this by offering your business to a more clearly defined potential client base.

Customer Street has an ever expanding client base which currently has over 25,000 customers this makes Customer Street one of the leading new media advertising companies of its type in Europe, they employ over 400 staff working out of 7 locations in the UK and the continent.

When you're buying a search engineering package or submitting your site to a search engine or directory, do your research and see how good they really are. Don't put faith in something that hasn't been tried and tested. Why not put faith in a package that delivers from day one. Get listed Get Found!

To find out more about how Customer Street can get benefit you, Help you develop an individual bespoke website, host your domains or create a fully functional e-commerce site then contact them on 01524 529 000 or visit their website at Customer Street.